vineri, 27 mai 2011

10 motive pentru a nu vaccina

1. You can vaccinate and still get the illness. Outbreaks of mumps, chickenpox and pertussis have occurred among groups of highly vaccinated individuals. Many had more than one dos.

2. Illnesses come and go; vaccine injuries are for life (and do sometimes cause death).

3. Health cannot come through a needle.

4. Health cannot improve or be promoted through an injection of toxic substances.

5. Each shot is Russian Roulette; you never know which chamber has the bullet that could kill you.

6. Vaccine injuries can occur at any age. Waiting until a child is older does not guarantee safety or that an injury will not occur.

7. Like bee stings and doses of penicillin, you can have many vaccines without a reaction…but the next one can be deadly.

8. The vaccine industry says that vaccine injuries are “one in a million.” What if you are The One?

9. The vaccine industry says vaccine injuries are rare. Does anyone in the Industry ever read the VAERS database?

10. Many wish they had never vaccinated; very few ever wish they would have gotten the shots.

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